Workplace solutions

Abels Workplace Solutions for office relocation and office refurbishment, furniture, air conditioning and property management

Abels has created Workplace Solutions to provide a complete tailored solution for any work place project. These include office relocation and office refurbishment, and cover all elements including furniture, air conditioning, IT and communicaions, carpets and flooring, and lighting, together with property management. Whether you are relocating to new offices, looking to refurbish your existing offices, or simply to re-arrange office space to give you space or accommodate more people, we can help.

Any workplace project can be complicated, involving numerous services and trades, with the need to co-ordinate with various people, maintain the timetable and keep within budget, while at the same time ensuring the business continues to operate.

We can manage the entire project from start to finish, including design, co-ordinating all of the work, ensuring your staff are accommodated, and keeping to the programme and the budget.