Mr Caddy


February 24, 2016
Moving from Downham Market, UK to Vancouver, Canada

Dear Neil, As I told you we have always had excellent experiences with Abels. Our shippers from Vancouver to Nordelph in 2002 nominated Abels as their movers of choice. We had no idea if this was a good idea or not. So we just went with the flow. Your three large young men were superb! And even though our instructions told us not to ask them to do anything they chose to instal the Ikea bed we had brought from Vancouver as a flat pack. The Ikea instructions said my wife and I could instal the bed in two hours. Two and a half hours later the three of them came downstairs, exhausted, and told us, “There is no way in the world the two of you could have put that bed together in two hours!”

From that moment we have been ardent Abels advocates. We have driven down to Brandon to get Abels to ship a mercury barometer for a friend of ours to Vancouver. Helen will tell you about my periodic struggles in bringing into the UK my artworks from various parts of the world. The most recent invoved the Australian shipping agent failing to give us any details of a shipment from Sydney, Australia and Helen by dint of sheer detective work found the items had been in Tilbury for several days. When I went after the Australian shipper he said it was not his fault but mine because I had nominated Abels and not the mover of his choice. I could go on for ages but will simply cut to the chase and say that despite a few mishaps on the last when everyone was tired Abels’ performance was exemplary!

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