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Relocation assistance when moving overseas
If you are being moved by your company or organisation then you may find our Relocation Service of interest.

The decision to relocate any employee is not something to be taken lightly. Whilst relocation may bring substantial benefits to the organisation it is all too easy to consider the business goals and then neglect the needs of the assignee or their family who are relocating.

The relocation process can be disruptive to families, so it is essential that they suffer as little stress as possible. Maintaining the loyalty of both employees and customers will be greatly assisted by a smooth transition to the new location.

Abels provide a specialist service that will have a positive impact on managing the expectations of your assignees. Aiming to create a long lasting relationship and to build the confidence and trust required by any assignee and above all, to manage lifestyle expectations in a changing environment.

It’s not always that simple to get settled in and feel at home. ‘Relocation Assistance’ can give an added feeling of security and so reduce the high number of expensive relocation failures.

Outline of Services:

  • Completion of detailed questionnaire
  • Needs assessment based on the information provided in the questionnaire
  • Orientation of chosen area which may include shopping facilities, transportation, banking, leisure activities and entertainment
  • Property overview including accompanied viewing.
  • Educational Overview if required
  • Assistance can also be given with rental of furniture, connection of utilities (i.e. Gas, Electric, Water)

We are adaptable to all situations and should you feel that our services do not meet your personal needs, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and how we may be of assistance.



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