International Removals

Planning your move

Detailed move planning

In order to ensure a smooth move, our planning takes into account an accurate assessment of the volume to be moved, any special treatments of items, special crates or cases as well as quantifying the amount of packing to be done. The information taken at the time of our home appointment, then conveyed to you in our Removal Proposal, is then provided to your removal team. In this way all parties are clear about “who is doing what aspect of the move and when”.

Time planning is also an important aspect of executing your move. We look at the number of hours it will take, and how many men and vehicles will be needed. This information is then recorded on our systems so that your moving requirements are clearly visible and understood by all involved.

As is true in most things, there is no substitute for accurate and detailed planning. To quote Aristotle: “Well begun is half done.”

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