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Moving children overseas

Moving overseas can be a BIG decision and one that you should include your children in from the start. Your children may have mixed emotions about moving abroad and what it means for them. Involving them from the start can open up the conversation and you may be surprised that some of their concerns are not solely about the practicalities of the move.

Here, at Abels, we have years of experience in successfully relocating families to various worldwide destinations, including Australia, Dubai, and Brazil. Many of our highly-skilled International relocation team have first-hand knowledge of the challenges your family will be facing, having lived abroad themselves. They will help guide you through the moving process, planning every stage of your move including arranging the most suitable shipping options, foreign currency transfer services and insurance. We can even arrange your pet’s transportation services ensuring that no family member is left behind! 

Moving abroad can have many challenges so to help make the process easier for your children, we recommend that you do the following:

Make sure you visit the destination you are moving to

Whatever the age of your children, they will like and appreciate being involved, especially your teenagers. Take them on “holiday” to the country you are moving to so you can explore your potential new home together as a family. Encourage them to see the positives and show them the great new experiences that will shortly be available to them.

Involve your children in the move and share the experience

Whilst your move abroad might be for work or to be closer to family, talk to your children about it. This will help them to feel that they are more involved with the process, as well as understand that you have made the decision to move abroad for the benefit of the whole family.

When moving abroad, your possessions will often get packed in advance of your departure, especially if going by sea freight services. Give your children their own bag or moving box to pack, so that they can take charge of packing the essentials, such as favourite cuddly toys, books, iPad (and charging cables), and keep them to one side so they are easily accessible.

Planning – the key to all successful relocations!

Plan and research your family’s move abroad to the best of your abilities. What languages are spoken? What currency do you need? What age do children have to attend school? What is the weather like year-round? The more knowledge you have about the overseas destination you have the better prepared you will feel.

If you are moving for work, find out if a colleague has similar aged children in the country you are moving to, as you may be able to arrange a playdate or contact them for useful information about local childcare (for example).

Location, location, location!

Just like living in the UK, some neighbourhoods are more family-orientated than others. Choosing the right area/neighbourhood to move to is essential in helping you and your children to settle in quickly. Using serviced accommodation for the first few weeks when you arrive can help with the transition process and introduce you to similar expat families. 

Choose the right house

Make sure your new home is the right size for your family so that younger children have a safe area to play and that teens have their own space. Cramming everyone into a small apartment will not help any elevated stress levels!

Arrange for family or friends to visit to see you settled in your new home, as this reassurance can help with any possible homesickness.

Choose the right school

Choosing the right school can very much depend on where in world you are moving to and the age of your children. There are some terrific expat schools and international schools in most capital cities, whilst a local school will help your children make local friends if they are comfortable with the new language.

Another option is for your child to stay in the UK and attend a boarding school. This can be a good option if they are already happily settled at a school and working towards their GCSEs or A-Levels. You will need to nominate a family member or friend to be their carer in your absence. Plus make sure you have flights sorted for half-terms and holidays. 

Embrace the new culture and language

If you are moving to a destination that does not speak much English, both you and your children will benefit from learning a few words in the local dialect (you may be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly they pick it up), Getting involved with local activities and events will really help your children, and yourself, feel a part of their new community and help remove any language barriers that they might be feeling are getting in the way of making new friends.

Remember that part of the reason for your move is to enjoy and take part in these new experiences and customs.

Acknowledge that it may be difficult at times

Moving across the world is bound to have its issues and moments of regret. Teens might find it hard seeing friends back at home on social media having a good time without them, or you or your spouse might find missing family or close friends tricky at times. Knowing that these will happen can make them easier to get through.

Luckily, in today’s modern world there are plenty of ways to keep in touch, so make sure you arrange a time to catch up with old friends and family via Facetime or Zoom.

Enjoy the move!

Remember moving abroad is a fantastic opportunity for every member of your family and you should take the time to experience the delights that your new home has to offer, whether it’s going to the beach or going skiing at the weekend.

To help make your move abroad even easier, ask about our concierge services and let us handle every aspect of your move.

Make sure you have the right insurance 

The standard of health care, and its cost, can vary from country to country so it is imperative that you arrange adequate health and travel insurance to protect your family when moving overseas.

Wherever in the world you are moving to, Abels Moving Services will ensure your move is a smooth one and that your children enjoy their move as much as you do. 

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