Overseas removals

International shipping

International shipping services
Abels offers comprehensive international shipping services. Its specially trained international shipping teams move families’ belongings all over the world – from Norwich to New York, Cambridge to Canberra, and London to Los Angeles.  Our services are tailored to individual customers, with attention to detail and careful organisation by staff experienced in international shipping, exporting and removals.

Abels is a member of the world’s largest shipping network. Working with this and other removals firms across the world that we have relied upon for generations, we will ensure your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our partners will contact you prior to your effects arriving, assist with customs clearance and then undertake a delivery service normally involving delivery, unloading and unpacking, with subsequent removal of all waste packing materials.

There are a number of choices of the method of export or removals depending upon the volume and need for the goods. These range from a dedicated container, through LCL (less than container load) and Groupage to airfreight. Please view our guidance on the various shipping options, our guidance on airfreight and our guidance on shipping unaccompanied baggage.

leo-sayer-packingAbels Moving Services moved singer Leo Sayer from the UK to Australia.