Moving within the UK

Moving with children

Before the move:

Do not try to convince your parents to change their minds. They would not have told you about the move if they were not sure it was going to happen. Your parents have made the decision: you are going to move.  Whining and complaining about it will only make the move harder for yourself. Plus, it will upset your parents, and you may get punished. Accept that the move is going to happen, and try to find a way of dealing with it.

Tell your parents about your feelings. Your head is probably filled with concerns about moving. You need someone to talk to, and that is what parents are there for. Even if they seem too busy, try anyway. Just repeat the following: “Mummy (or Daddy), I am really sad and scared about moving. I do not know what to do. Can I talk to you?” That should get their attention.

Be nice to your parents.  You might be angry at them, but being mean to your parents will only make things worse. You will get punished. You will make your parents sad. You will make your brothers and sisters angry at you. Plus, if you are mean to your parents, they will be less likely to buy you presents or give you permission for things in the future. Just be nice to them, even if you do not want to. Ask them how they are feeling. Offer to help pack up the living room. Ask if they need you to help with the cleaning. This is your chance to get on their good side. If you are nice to your parents now, they will think you are sweet and wonderful. They might punish you less severely the next time you misbehave, and they will be more likely to buy you presents.

Do not worry about making new friends. It is pointless to worry about it, especially when making new friends is unavoidable. You are going to make new friends. I repeat: you are going to make new friends. Once you accept this simple fact, you will see that worrying about making friends is a waste of your time. You have more important things to worry about, like decorating your new bedroom. 

Find a fun and creative way to say goodbye to all your old friends. Do something nice for your friends to say goodbye. If you have been helpful during the move, your parents might give you permission to throw a party. If not, you could always make goodbye presents. Little clay boxes are easy to make and fun to decorate. Ask your parents to help you harden them in the oven.  Another idea is to make your friends Christmas ornaments. They will remember you every time they hang your ornament.

If craft-making does not appeal to you, you could always hand out postcards with your new address written on them. With your parents’ permission, you could also open up an email account and give your friends the email address.

Do not forget to say goodbye to the other people who have been important in your life. Are you going to miss your doctor? Your babysitter? Your favourite teacher? Do not forget to say goodbye to them. You can say goodbye in person, with a gift, or by postcard.  They will be happy that you thought of them, and it will make you feel good.

Say goodbye to your old house. Your house has been a major part of your life, too, so say goodbye to it. Go through every room and say goodbye. Ask your parents to take a picture of the house, and frame it to hang in your new house. You could even make a time capsule representing your memories of the house. Collect some of your old toys and pictures of your family taken in the house, and put them in a shoebox. Bury the shoebox in the back garden. Years from now, archaeologists will unearth the time capsule and discover your memories.

Put together a survival kit of your favourite things. Which of your belongings will you definitely want during the move and immediately after you arrive at your new house?  Get these items together and put them in a rucksack, suitcase, or box. Your favourite stuffed animals, jumper, and Nintendo DS should definitely come with you. You should also bring along a book or a few magazines for when you get bored.