Moving to Spain

Spain moving guide

Moving to Spain
It is easy to see why Spain is popular for immigrants from the UK. In fact its allure is second only to Australia for those leaving the British Isles. One reason for Spain’s popularity may be that with 5000 miles of coastline, Spain has some of the best beaches in Europe.

When moving to Spain, your belongings will be shipped to the country by land, sea or by air. Whichever you choose, Abels staff will be on hand to ease your journey. Which choice is right for your move to Spain may be decided in reference to our guidance on the various shipping options available to you.

Moving to Spain with pets can be problematic due to the strict controls applied by the Spanish immigration authorities. To move to Spain an animal generally needs to be micro-chipped or receive an identifying tattoo.  For more information on moving to Spain with animals, Abels have produced more in-depth advice.

Spain’s proximity to a host of countries has strongly influenced the culture of the nation over the years. With boundaries to Portugal, France and Andorra, as well as proximity to Morocco and Gibraltar immigrating to Spain is a wise move for those who enjoy travel. Whether you move to Spain for its architecture, arts, sports, cuisine or a mixture of these elements, you are guaranteed a treat. From Madrid, the footballing capital of Spain, to the flamenco-dancing bars of Seville, moving to Spain really does offer something for everyone.

Once you move to Spain you will need to acclimatise to the country’s famous sociability as well as to the climate. Festivals form the cornerstone of Spanish life, with around 3000 fiestas celebrated country-wide annually. Perhaps the most famous of the Spanish festivals is Pamplona’s ‘Running of the Bulls’ which attracts scores of visitors from across the globe.