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Moving to South Africa
As well as a combination of the ten other official languages, on moving to South Africa you will find that the majority of citizens in South Africa speak English.On your journey to South Africa your belongings can be shipped to the country by sea or by air. Have a look at our guidance on the various shipping options available for your move to South Africa to you to see which is best suited to you.

With its golden coastlines, sunny days and cool nights, it perhaps seems obvious why so many people chose to immigrate to South Africa. However, as South Africa’s motto states: “diverse people unite” there are many different reasons why individuals and families move to South Africa.

South Africa
Renowned internationally for a fusion cuisine which sees traditional barbecues at its centre, South Africa is famed for its mixed cultural and ethnic heritage. When you move to South Africa you will find that its kitchens are as diverse as its people… South Africa has a population numbering approximately 50 million.

Whilst mining has long been South Africa’s biggest industry, some of this country’s gems can be discovered over ground… South Africa boasts an abundance of sub-tropical flora and fauna including the residency of four of the five fastest land animals (cheetah, lion, Thomson’s gazelle and wildebeest).

The beaches of South Africa’s gold coast regularly win international accolades for their cleanliness and safety. In addition South Africa has numerous world heritage sites scattered throughout its area adding inland interest and another great reason to move to South Africa.

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