Moving to Singapore

Singapore moving guide

Moving to Singapore

Singapore has always been an important destination for Abels Moving Services. Abels offers comprehensive removals and shipping services to the former British coloney. Moving your personal affects to Singpaore will either be by air or sea. We have prepared some guidance on the various shipping options to Singapore, to enable you to make the right choice.

Moving to Singapore does involve specific arrangements and documentation so that your effects and household goods can be imported. We have prepared a guide to moving to Singapore which will give you an insight into the requirements. Your customer services manager will thoroughly brief you, and assist in ensuring you meet all the requirements during your move.

Moving to Singapore will initially involve our team expertly packing and export wrapping all your personal effects and household goods, using quality materials. Depending upon your chose shipping method, these will then be loaded into a vehicle for consolidation into a container at our warehouse, loaded into a dedicated container for shipping direct, or packed into air freight pallets ready for shipping by air.

Whichever shipping method is used, your goods will be unaccompanied – we have prepared some general guidance on what you can and cannot include in unaccompanied baggage.

In Singapore, our agent will then deliver your personal affects and household goods to your new home, and unpack them, taking away the wrapping and packing materials.  

Those considering relocating to Singapore will be please to know that it is the only country in Asia with English as its first language. They will also be interested to hear that Singapore has the highest percentage of foreign people living in the country in the world, with 36 per cent of the entire population originating from outside the country.

Singapore is the smallest country is Southeast Asia and is a microstate. The country is one of only three present day sovereign city states and is a lot larger than Monaco and Vatican City. Located only 85 miles from the equator, the nation has a tropical climate as well as a successful and expanding economy. Singapore is the 23rd wealthiest country in the world based on Gross Domestic Product per capita.

Singapore is well known for its cuisine which is influenced by Chinese, Tamil, Indian and Malayan food. The country is also becoming increasingly associated with art world. Since the 1990s the Government of Singapore has been trying to promote the country as a centre for arts. This plan involved the building of the impressive Esplanade, a centre for performing arts, which opened in 2002. The annual Singapore Biennale showcases contemporary art from around the world and an annual art festival advertises the local dance, music and theatre talent. In addition, Singapore hosted the Genee International Ballet Competition in 2009 and stand-up comedy is becoming ever more popular. Singapore has become a centre for post modern architecture and is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world.

Many sporting events and activities have been held in Singapore and more are planned for the year ahead. The country will host the 2010 Youth Olympics and in 2008, the first round of the Formula One World Championship was successfully held in Singapore. Water sports are very popular with residents and tourists of the island and sportsmen from Singapore have competed at an international level in sports such as swimming, sailing, water polo, table tennis and badminton.