Moving to Portugal

Portugal moving guide

Moving to Portugal
Moving to Portugal will mean that you are within just the 77th most densely-populated country in the world. With fewer than 11 million citizens in the whole country Portugal’s population is sparse compared to that of the (similarly-sized) UK. By comparison London alone has around eight million residents!

Your belongings can be transported to the country by land, sea or air when you move to Portugal. Abels staff will ensure the safety of your possessions throughout the course of the journey. Which option you choose for your move to Portugal may be decided in reference to our guidance on the various shipping options available to you.

Portugal is the ideal destination for sun-worshippers. The country is famed for its long hot sunny days, boasting a temperate climate and average summer temperatures hovering in the high-twenties. For years Britons and holiday-makers from around Europe have favoured the beaches of the Algarve as a destination. Now Portugal’s (relatively) cheap lifestyle means permanent immigration is becoming more common.

With around half of the border formed of coastline moving to Portugal is a popular option for water sports enthusiasts. However, it is not just the active side of life which Portugal provides for settlers… A move to Portugal is a move to vineyards, rolling hills and natural heritage sites along with a fine cultural, especially musical, tradition. Fado is the most favoured example of the moving Portuguese singing style famed throughout the nation.

Europe’s most westerly country, you gain a whole new perspective of the continent by moving to Portugal. Lisbon is the only European capital from which you can watch the sun set over the sea. Not a bad way to spend an evening with a glass of port or three!