Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand moving guide

Moving to New Zealand
When moving to New Zealand your belongings will be shipped to the country by sea or by air. Which choice is right for your New Zealand move may be decided in reference to our guidance on the various shipping options available to you. Whichever shipping method is used, your goods will be unaccompanied – we have prepared some general guidance on what you can and cannot include in unaccompanied baggage.

Immigration to New Zealand is a popular choice. New Zealand is a vibrant young country which boasts a high quality of life alongside its cultural positives. In New Zealand you are never more than two hours drive away from the sea. Trips to the coast can be a part of all New Zealanders’ daily lives.

New Zealand has strict laws governing moving with pets. Dogs and cats are generally allowed but other pets may be barred from your move to New Zealand. Abels provide advice on moving with pets here whilst New Zealand’s laws on the matter can be found in the links below. 

New Zealand
Whilst only slightly larger than the UK in terms of land area, New Zealand has a population density of 32 people per square mile at last count.

The beautiful, isolated North and South Islands of New Zealand are separated from their Australian neighbours by about 1,400 miles of South Pacific Ocean. Due to this surrounding ocean in moving to New Zealand you will benefit from a comfortable climate which is neither unbearably hot or cold.

New Zealanders are proud of their low crime rates, low unemployment levels and strong economy. Tourism and agriculture are the largest sectors of New Zealand’s employment.