Moving to Italy

Italy moving and removals guide

Moving to Italy
Italy is a regular European destination for Abels – we are moving people to Italy all the time. As Italy is in the EU, moving to Italy is fairly straightforward with few formalities that have to be gone through. There are no official documents required for personal effects and household goods being moved from another EU country.

Moving to Italy will be via a dedicated vehicle and team. We will come to your home and load your furniture and effects into a pantechnicon, transport them to Italy via the Channel Tunnel or ferry, and then unload at destination. If required, we will also pack at origin and unpack at destination.

‘Italy The Belpaese (Beautiful Country) is one of the single greatest repositories of sensorial pleasures on earth. From art to food, from stunning and varied countryside to flamboyant fashion, Italy has it all,’ as described by the Lonely Planet guide to Italy. Indeed, it is hard to argue that Italy as a place to live or travel destination is anything other than cultural and picturesque.
With some sixty point two million inhabitants, the country is the sixth most populous country in Europe and the twenty-third most populous in the world. This is a cumulative result of immigration from across Europe and particularly from America adding to the indigenous Italian population. At the beginning of 2009, 6.5% of Italy’s total population was composed of immigrants.

It is little wonder why so many people wish to live in Italy. The country has forty four Unesco World Heritage Sites, more than any other country on earth and historic cities like Rome, Venice and Florence, know as cities of art. Fashion lovers are drawn to Milan, which is also the country’s financial centre, while others are drawn to Sicily’s volcanoes. Skiing is very popular in the Alps and hiking the Dolomites is a pastime of locals and tourists alike. Many Roman Catholics flock to the country to visit the Vatican and the Pope and Italy is widely recognised as the centre of Catholicism. It is for these reasons that Italy is the fourth highest profiting country from tourism in the world, with forty three point seven million tourists visiting every year.

A common tourist belief is that Italy is always sunny and mild. Whilst Italy is famed for it hot summers and mild winters, it is worth remembering that the country’s climate is highly variable. This is particularly the case when considering the Peninsula which is a highly mountainous area.