Moving to Holland (The Netherlands)

Holland moving and removals guide

Moving to Holland (The Netherlands)
Holland is a key Eurorpan destination for Abels – apart from moving people to the country, our vehicles often go via Holland to get to other European countries.  As Holland is in the EU, moving to Holland is fairly straightforward with few formalities that have to be gone through. There are no official documents required for personal effects and household goods being moved from another EU country.

Moving to Holland will be via a dedicated vehicle and team. We will come to your home and load your furniture and effects into a pantechnicon, transport them to Holland probably via Felixstowe, or via the Channel Tunnel/ferry, and then unload at destination. If required, we will also pack at origin and unpack at destination.

Holland is situated in the west of the Netherlands facing the North Sea; almost half of the country lies below sea level. It is famed for its vast network of canals and waterways as without continuous drainage 65% of the country would be flooded daily. In earlier centuries windmills were used to drain the land, they can still be seen dotted across the countryside and are recognised as a national symbol of Holland.

Tulips and clogs are also synonymous with the Holland. Both bear relation to Dutch agriculture, tulips were originally imported in from Turkey to be grown in Holland for medicinal purposes, however by the 17th century the flower was starting to be used for decoration. With Holland’s low lying flat lands conditions were ideal for growing and fields were soon covered in bloom of every colour. The views over the bulb fields are a spectacular site.  Those working in the fields wore wooden clogs to protect their feet, even today they are occasionally still worn by farmers to hold the weight of cows stepping on their feet! Especially relevant as the Netherlands is one the largest dairy exporters in the world.

This region has also produced some of the world’s most famous artists, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Mondrian were all born and bred in Holland. Exhibitions of all these artists work can be found in the recently dubbed ‘Art City’ the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Nowhere in Holland is further than two or three hours from Amsterdam. A city where there are twice as many bikes as there are cars. The name originates from a combination of the Amstel, the river the city was built upon and the Dam that was built to protect it. Amstel is another famous Dutch export, the beer is brewed locally and originally the waters of the river served to refrigerate the barrels.