Moving pets overseas

Moving pets to the USA

Abels Moving Services can provide a comprehensive service when moving pets to the USA. Pet shipping over such a distance is a specialist service and Abels uses the services of its partner AirPets, a company it has worked with for over 15 years. To assist, the following guidance on moving pets to America has been prepared:

Moving pets to the USA

The United States has very complex laws about importing pets. We have condensed some of the relevant information to assist you, yet you may like to purchase a Pet Importation Guide to the United States. It costs USD49.95 if you download it straight onto your computer, or you can purchase a hard copy for between USD79.95 and USD99.99.  The guide is available online from US Immigration.

There is no quarantine period for cats or dogs on arrival in the USA and a PETS passport is not required to move your pet to the USA. However, if you think that you may be returning to the UK at some point, it is highly advisable that you obtain a full PETS passport.  This can be arranged through your local vetinary practice.

The Rabies vaccination, is still optional for export as the UK is Rabies-free, however it is advisable to have this to be done at least 30 days before export.  This is a precaution to ensure that your pet is then immediately protected from the day of their arrival.

The cost of a pet health certificate / “Fit to Fly” certificate, as issued by a vet within 5 days of export, is included in our quotation.  DEFRA export papers are NOT required for the USA.

Be aware that in some destinations in the USA are affected by “temperature restrictions” during the warm and colder months of the year.  These tend to be at the smaller airports serviced by non-direct flights.  It may still possible to move your pet to these destinations, but your choice of airlines will be greatly reduced.

An “acclimatisation certificate” is required only for pet/s travelling with an American airline (e.g.: Delta, United, Northwest etc.) during temperature restrictive periods. Again, we will arrange this if an American airline is being used. Where possible, we will arrange a specialist pet agent in the US to clear your pet through customs and deliver him/her to your new residence. Please ask us for further details of this service.

For further information please contact our Customer Services Centre on 01842 816 600 or email.


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