Moving pets overseas

Moving pets to South Africa

Abels Moving Services can provide a comprehensive service when moving pets to South Africa. Pet shipping over such a distance is a specialist service and Abels uses the services of its partner AirPets, a company it has worked with for over 15 years. To assist, the following guidance on moving pets to South Africa has been prepared:

Moving pets to South Africa

Moving to South Africa with your pet can be stressful due to the paperwork involved; Abels aims to take away the bulk of the unnecessary stress where possible.

An import permit, issued from the South African Ministry of Agriculture will be obtained on your behalf. Animals also require export papers to be signed within 48 hours of their departure to South Africa. Again this will be done on your behalf by Abels’ designated vets.

It is also essential that your pet is micro chipped. This is a simple process which you can request at your local vetinary practitioners. It is optional to provide cats or dogs entering the country with a rabies vaccination. It may be wise to ensure that this is given, however, 30 days before exportation as this ensures protection from rabies for your pet upon entry to South Africa.

For dogs, a blood test for Leishmaniasis, taken within 30 days of your departure date, is also essential. We can provide you with further details of this once your date of departure is finalised.

Do note, as a point of interest that dogs and cats flying to South Africa are required to be booked as “manifested cargo” rather than “excess baggage.” We can also arrange a specialist pet agent in South Africa to clear your pet through customs & to deliver him/her home to your new residence, if required.

For additional information, and to obtain a pet import application, visit South Africa’s Directorate of Veterinary Services or call 0027 12 319 7514 / 7632 or contact our Customer Services Centre on 01842 816 600 or email.


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