Moving pets overseas

Moving pets to New Zealand

Abels Moving Services can provide a comprehensive service when moving pets to New Zealand. Pet shipping over such a distance is a specialist service and Abels uses the services of its partner AirPets, a company it has worked with for over 15 years. To assist, the following guidance on moving pets to New Zealand has been prepared:

Moving pets to New Zealand

To protect and conserve its environment, New Zealand has very strict laws about the importation of foreign pets.  Even if you have only one cat or one dog, there is an “expansive and lengthy” process that often involves a six-month quarantine period.  The requirements include:

1) Permanent identification (Micro Chip).

2) DOGS ONLY Blood test for Leptospirosis, Brucella Canis, Ehrlichiosis and Heartworm within 30 days of export.  All blood extraction will be done with your own Veterinary surgery and then sent to The Veterinary Laboratories Agency’ New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey.  Results are usually ready within seven days.  A further two blood tests are required for Babesia within 10 days of export.  Approx costs for all dog testing £400 – £500 / dog, please ask your vet for a quote.

3) Two faecal tests at least 14 days apart but within 30 days of export with negative results for Hookworm.  We strongly recommend veterinary worming treatment for Hookworm at least four to six weeks prior to export to avoid delay due to positive faecal test results.   All faecal samples can be collected by you or your vet and then sent to ‘The Veterinary Laboratories Agency’ New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey.

NB: If a booster vaccination is due prior to export, DO NOT vaccinate against LEPTOSPIROSIS, this may affect the blood tests required for entry

4) Treatment against internal parasites, two times treatments within 30 days of export but at least two weeks apart. Treatment for external parasites within 10 days of export

4) DEFRA Export Health Certificate signed within 96 hours of export.

A PETS passport is NOT required to move your pet to New Zeland, however, if you feel that you may be returning to the UK at some point, we do strongly advise that you obtain the full PETS passport.  This can be arranged through your local vet practice

The timing and accuracy of these tests are crucial to the success of your pet’s export. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ATTEMPT THIS ALONE.  We are here to help you through this complicated system.


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