Moving pets overseas

Moving pets to Canada

Abels Moving Services can provide a comprehensive service when moving pets to Canada. Pet shipping over such a distance is a specialist service and Abels uses the services of its partner AirPets, a company it has worked with for over 15 years. To assist, the following guidance on moving pets to Canada has been prepared:

Moving pets to Canada

Canada’s pet quarantine laws are less strict than those of many other countries, such as New Zealand. Domestic pet cats and dogs of any age can enter Canada for any period of time without quarantine from any country. There are some caveats, of course, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal for any reason.

The CFIA’s website details the guidelines for moving the following types of pets: foxes, skunks, raccoons, and ferrets; cats; dogs; fish; guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rats, chinchillas, hamsters, and other rodents; pet rabbits; pet primates; and scorpions or spiders.

As is the case when moving a pet dog or cat to the United States it is not strictly essential to have a Rabies vaccination; this is still optional as the UK is Rabies free. However, for the sake of your pet it is advisable to have this vaccination done at least 30 days before export.  This precaution means that your pet is then immediately protected from the day of its arrival in Canada.

A health certificate or “Fit to Fly” certificate can be issued by your current vet within five days of export of a cat or dog. The cost of this is included in the Abels Airpets quotation. This type of export papers are not required, however, when your pet carries microchip identification accompanied by the Rabies vaccine.

There is no quarantine for cats and dogs on arrival in Canada.  It is certainly not essential to obtain a PETS passport in order to move your pet to Canada. However, if you may be returning to the UK at some point, it is highly advisable that you obtain the full PETS passport through arrangement with your local vets’ practice.

Where possible, we can also arrange a specialist pet agent in Canada to clear your pet through customs and to deliver him/her to your new home. If you require this service, please do ask for information.

For any further information, please contact our Customer Services Centre on 01842 816 600 or email.


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