Moving Pets by Air


Where will my pet travel in the aircraft?

All pets travel in the special livestock hold of the aircraft, this is fully pressurised & heated, exactly the same conditions as the passengers upstairs.

How will my pet cope with the flight?

Pets travel very well, far better than people actually.  They don’t know they are 30,000 feet in the air, there is no sensation of moving and no windows with anything rushing past.  As far as the pets are concerned, they are sitting in a comfy kennel in a very boring room, so they quickly just go to sleep.  This is why they look so much better than we do after a long haul flight.

My pet doesn’t like loud noises, will he be scared on the aircraft?

Aircraft noise is loud, but it is also very constant, like a droning in the background.  There are no sudden bangs & crashes, so the pets settle very quickly.

Will my pet have enough space & how will he go to the toilet?

The IATA approved travel kennels need to allow enough space for your pet to stand & turn & be comfy, airlines will simply reject anything that is too small.  It is always good not to feed your pet on the day of the flight, this reduces the need for them to go to toilet.  You can’t help certain accidents, but by far the majority of pets arrive clean & tidy at their destination.  All approved kennels will have drinking facilites so your pet has water throughout the flight.

Do I have to travel with my pet?

If your pet travels as “cargo”, ie has it’s own flight reservation, then no, you can travel whenever you like.  Many clients like to travel a few days before their pet so they can make the house ready for the furry family to arrive.

Will my pet have to do quarantine on arrival?

Certain countries such as Australia, Mauritius, North Cyprus, Jamaica & Malta still have a period of quarantine on arrival.  As long as the pets have come directly from the UK, the quarantine is no more than 30 days.

Can I bring my pet back to the UK?

If you travel to one of the PETS passport approved countries and you have a full PETS passport, then your pet can return to the UK without quarantine.  If you move outside the approved country list, then your pet will need to do the full 6 months quarantine on return.  Please check with DEFRA regarding these regulations.