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How we move paintings

Moving and shipping paintings

Abels has considerable expertise in moving fine art, from modern abstract to Renaissance masterpieces, with clients ranging from private individuals to museums and galleries.  This includes moving a priceless Bellini painting on behalf of two museums. Click for more about this story.  Abels will relocate a painting locally or ship artwork across the globe as you require.

Abels takes the utmost care.  A survey of artwork is normally advised so that a specific risk assessment and plans can be drawn up to handle each piece in the most appropriate manner.

Artworks come in all different shapes and sizes.  At Abels we design each packing process including any specialist protective case to match the specifications of each piece.  Thus ensuring complete care and piece of mind.

Packing a Painting
The best packing method is always assessed at the time of survey or discussion. Many paintings we will have moved previously, and so a case note will already be on file.

painting-protectionWe use specialist wax paper to prevent oil / gilt from sticking to packaging.  The painting is then over-wrapped in 5-ply paper before being placed into the case.  A soft cloth inner lined with an outer bubble wrap can be added if deemed a requirement. The frames are protected by acid free tissue and rolled corrugated card placed around them.


painting-paddingPadding is then added to stop movement when in the case.  We then secure the front of the wooden crate, which is marked with the customer’s name, reference number and destination.


Casing Artwork
Many of the high value or sentimental artworks we move have a bespoke wooden case manufactured for them, offering added protection.  The cases are lined inside with foam to cushion the painting, and are held in Abels’ store until the next time the artwork is to be relocated.

Due to the high value of many of our consignments all our operatives have a high level of security clearance, carrying identification cards at all times.  Our staff’s packing techniques are honed each year in our training school.

All movements are confidential and handled only by senior operations managers. Client information remains private and it is duty of all Abels’ employees to maintain it.  Warehousing is all purpose built, modern, clean and dry. Security is provided by state-of-the-art Redcare alarm and CCTV systems, and warehouses are located in low-crime areas.

Transportation of paintings / art
Abels’ fleet is all modern, providing soft air-ride suspension and a double inner skin to offer improved protection for loaded items. Environmental concerns are addressed by their euro-5 compliant engines, which are currently the kindest to the environment.  To increase security on long distance trips, drivers sleep in the vehicle which is alarmed and has security seals on each door.  Lorries of various sizes are available depending on the job in hand, with destinations ranging across Europe from the far south of Italy, to Sweden, and from Gibraltar to Russia.

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