Moving within the UK

Guidance and help

In preparing for your forthcoming move, we hope you will find the following notes useful:

  1. Clothes on hangers may be left in the wardrobe until the moving day – we will transfer them to a purpose made wardrobe carton, which may be retained for a small charge.
  2. Electrical items (including cooker) should be disconnected from the mains supply and reconnected by an electrician.
  3. Wall lights or other fixings which are to be taken with you should be disconnected – please check this is done before leaving the house – it is easy to overlook this type of item.
  4. Gas appliances should be disconnected by authorised gas fitters with caps or plugs fitted.
  5. If the contents are not breakable, it is not necessary to empty chests of drawers, desks etc. Please remove any heavy items which may cause structural damage to the furniture.
  6. Fitted carpets should be free from grips, tacks etc and ready to roll (unless we have agreed in writing to do this).
  7. Secure the drum of an automatic washer / dryer with a stabiliser bar as per your manufacturers instructions. Your local dealer may be able to help.
  8. Secure turntables on hi-fi equipment with transit screws or as advised by the manufacturer.
  9. We will take down conventional beds and reassemble, but other items, e.g large wardrobes, cabin beds, garden sheds, greenhouses etc, can only be undertaken if we have agreed in writing prior to your removal.
  10. Our removal teams are not permitted to transport or store any flammable or toxic items for safety reasons. Other items which may damage the vehicle or contents may be refused at the discretion of the driver.
  11. Passengers are not permitted in our vehicles.
  12. It is advisable to empty and defrost refrigerators and freezers leaving them clean and dry with the door open. If you decide to move a chest freezer full, frozen items should be placed in large freezer bags or baskets ensuring that the transfer on the removal day will be much quicker. Fridges and freezers are normally loaded last and off loaded first.
  13. Loft contents are best consolidated in the spare bedroom.
  14. In the view of the size of vehicles, please keep access to your property clear on the day and point out concealed drain covers etc to our driver.
  15. If practical, small children and pets would be happier with a friend or relative on moving day leaving you free to advise on placing items in the correct position.
  16. You may wish to collect all your keys and put in a safe place prior to the move. Any keys to furniture found during the removal will be placed in a drawer, or put in a key bag with the item.
  17. Items you wish to take yourself in the car should be consolidated in one area and marked accordingly “DO NOT MOVE”.
  18. We have a non smoking policy whilst staff are in your home.
  19. If you are in any doubt or need assistance, please ring your Customer Service Manager.