Guidance and help

Moving overseas

  1. First check your eligibility to enter your chosen country and ensure that your family, personal and household effects meet immigration critera.

  2. Find out when your visa/immigration papers will be issued.

  3. Discuss and decide with your family what contents you want to take from your home and make a list. It is quite likely that there will be items that you are unsure about, keep a note of these and discuss with your Customer Services Manager.

  4. When your Abels Customer Services Manager visits you, they will wish to go round your house very thoroughly, looking into cupboards, drawers and wardrobes to access the volume to be transported. They will also make a detailed inventory of the furniture you wish to take and note any special packing required.

  5. Once the survey has been completed, it is your turn to discuss the things that concern or worry you, gaining information on the points of the move that you would like clarifying.

  6. Do consider the transit timescale – are there any items that you will require immediately, for example personal items, childrens toys, clothes or business files? Will your airline baggage allowance cover these requirements or should you consider a small airfreight consignment?

  7. If you are shipping valuable items such as works of art or antiques you may wish to obtain a professional valuation on these possessions. This will assist when completing your marine insurance proposal form.

  8. It is never too early to begin to note down the replacement values of each of the items you wish to move. You should obtain detailed information regarding their replacement values at your final destination. In many cases these are much higher than the UK value. The marine insurance cover you take out can be a “New for Old” policy and should be based on the replacement values at your final destination. See our guidance on insurance for further information.

We look forward to sharing our expertise and knowledge with you.