Checklist For Moving Home

Guidance and help

Below are some tips to help you in planning your move. The list can be printed out as a form, with space for notes, at the bottom of the page.

When you decide to sell your property

  • Contact Abels for a free consultation our Customer Service Manager will discuss your requirements and how you would like your move to be planned and submit a service proposal.
  • Complete and return the acceptance form as early as possible even if you do not have firm dates at this stage (these can be advised as soon as your house contracts are agreed, saving you time in the moving process).
  • Request change of address cards (available free from Abels) and prepare a list of recipients.

Two/four weeks before your move

  • Send out change of address cards.
  • Notify change of address to:-local authority utilities gas/electric/water/telephone insurance companies/agents credit card companies banks/building societies/stock broker/financial advisor Post Office postal redirection/premium bonds/child allowances/pensions TV licensing office & DVLA.
  • Arrange for cooker and any electrical appliances/light fittings to be disconnected and reconnected if these are to be moved (Abels can arrange this if you wish).
  • Arrange travel plans and book hotel if appropriate.
  • Arrange with friends/family to care for children/pets during the move.
  • If taking cuttings or plants from your garden, plant into small pots and collect together in a central area remember to water these regularly until one day before the move!
  • Obtain boxes for packing any owner packed goods. (Abels can provide these).

One week before moving

  • Cancel daily deliveries and settle accounts.
  • Collect dry cleaning/shoe repairs.
  • Return any borrowed items,e.g. library books/videos.
  • Pack items agreed will be owner packed.

Three days before moving

  • Pack personal items, jewellery, insurance policies, Passports, all details relating to your house sale and purchase of the new property, keep these safely in a folder/briefcase with you.
  • Complete the packing you have undertaken to complete yourself or let Abels know if there is a problem and you need Abels to help you.

One day before moving

  • Empty, defrost, clean and dry the refrigerator and freezer (earlier if going overseas or to store).
  • Sort out what will be required for meals during the move and identify these to prevent them being packed.
  • Identify the items not to be moved. (Use Abels labels).
  • Keep to one side the items you do not want to be packed until the last moment.
  • Get a good nights sleep.

Moving Day

  • Your Abels team leader will identify himself to you on arrival. He will pass on any instructions you have to your moving team.
  • Show your team leader around your property and identify any special items of concern.

We wish you a pleasant move to your new home. Relax, you’re in safe hands when you move with Abels.