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When it comes to moving home, there are few people who would admit that it was a job that they actually enjoy. In fact, for many, it is seen as an exceptionally stressful and time-consuming process and something they could really do without. Past research has shown that moving home is second only to family bereavement in terms of stress levels! That is for a normal home move – imagine then how such people feel when faced with the prospect of moving overseas. Add to that being a busy professional, or someone who is elderly, and you have a recipe for clinical depression!!

Although all removal companies realise the stress of a move, few feel they can do much about it. However, a number understand and provide a service that goes a long way to reduce the stress of moving. There are also a small number that offer additional services that take over the entire process of moving – one such company is Abels Moving Services, which offers a Personal Assistant service.

Lucy is a personal assistant at Abels. Her job cannot be defined in simple terms; rather she moulds the service to the client’s needs, allowing them to dictate what different aspects of the moving cycle they want her to coordinate. Therefore, as soon as she meets the client she ascertains exactly what parts of the service they require. She is there to advise them according to her own experience and most importantly, according to what the client needs for the least stressful experience.

One of her most recent clients was a lady in her eighties. Lucy explained: “Part of her family lived in Australia and wished for their mother to join them. Naturally enough, they were concerned that she did not have to go through the entire process on her own.” Lucy was contacted by the family to ensure that their mother was being looked after, which turned out to be extremely fortuitous as the elderly lady was forced to remain in bed throughout the move due to illness. Lucy continued: “I had to organise the house so the lady was left with the essentials whilst the bulk of her belongings were shipped to Australia.” Lucy made sure that every detail was taken care of so that when the lady could leave for Australia, everything had been organised for her.

Not all Lucy’s clients need such a hands on approach; some just need someone to sort out their possessions. Another recent project was for a family who had so many clothes they did not even know how to approach the problem of moving! Lucy continued: “I went into the house and categorised all the items of clothing, carefully packing the expensive shoes, jackets, scarves, skirts, suits, and dresses to make sure that they unpacked in the same condition as they were before. They were also all labeled so that the lady knew where to find her clothes at the other end.” Lucy recognises the importance of detail when dealing with such large amounts (12 double wardrobes) of packing. Part of the service is to make sure no corners are cut so that the unpacking stage is as simple and effortless as possible. This is especially important when travelling overseas, often a great deal of time elapses between packing and unpacking so it is easy to forget where each item is. By carefully planning and coordinating the entire process, Abels can guarantee that on the other side of the world you know where everything is.

Moving can cause enormous strain on families, especially when the move is for business reasons. In such cases it is often the mother’s responsibility to keep the children as unaffected as possible by the whole process. Lucy is often brought in to help to take over parts of the move to allow the mother to have time with the children. Especially when moving overseas, children can be traumatised and need extra attention to make the transition.

Another client insisted that she needed to entertain guests for lunch at one house, and then hold a family dinner at the new house the very same day! Sue Morley, Abels’ PA for the move, orchestrated the packing and loading around lunch and dinner, leaving the dining room and kitchen until last, and then first to be unloaded and unpacked at the new home. So confident that it would all run smoothly, the customer invited Sue to the lunch on the day.

Abels has held a Royal Warrant since 1989. Needless to say, the personal assistants have helped move some interesting people, and have some tails to tell, but that is another story.