European removals

Personal assistant services

In addition to our European removals services, we also offer optional personal assistance services. These are useful where customers require additional help to facilitate their move. These services can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements but could include:

  • Practical support and reassurance for the client throughout the move cycle
  • Photographic inventories including help with insurance issues
  • Pre-move visit to both properties to plan and label furniture to ensure a smooth move takes place.
  • Assistance in making a home of the new property at the earliest opportunity
  • Packing and unpacking possessions which are personal to the individual client i.e. clothing/fine china.
  • Food shopping for the new home
  • Food preparation for the client during the move, especially where a move will take several days or a week or more to complete
  • Making arrangements with tried/tested suppliers for example: dry cleaning, cleaning of soft furnishings, restoration of furniture/china, carpet fitting and electrical work
  • Co-ordination and liaison of all contractors during the actual move