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Moving pets to Europe

Pets rely on habit. When their owners decide to move, those habits can change abruptly, or stop altogether. A move can disrupt your pet’s sense of stability and cause trauma more severe than that experienced by some toddlers. That’s why we have designed this section of our website to guide you through the pet relocation process from start to finish. 

We have a wealth of experience moving pets across Europe as well as people, using established specialist pet-shipping contractors. Speak to your Customer Services Manager about moving your pet – they will be able to best advise you on how to approach this and make the move as stress-free for your pet as it will be for you.

Moving pets around the EU and Europe

All cats, dogs and ferrets travelling within the EU are required to have pet passports verifying that they are healthy, vaccinated for rabies, and government-authorised to travel. The purpose of the pet passport scheme (PETS) is to simplify and standardise pet importation regulations across a number of European countries. 

One of the requirements of PETS is that your pet must be identified by an electronic microchip inserted under the skin (usually near the shoulder area). This is not a monitoring device; the microchip contains a number that will match the number on the microchip in the pet’s passport. When your pet arrives at its destination, immigration officials will use the microchip to verify that the pet they are scanning is the pet whose details are on the pet passport. The microchip can also be used to identify the pet in the event that the pet is lost. 

Pet passports contain the following information:

  • The microchip number of the pet
  • Certification of valid rabies vaccination and other vaccinations done in the past
  • Veterinarian’s letter confirming that the pet is healthy and fit for travel
  • Government certification that all export documentation and certificates are ready for travel

To obtain an information pack on pet passports, email Defra or call them on 0870 241 1710, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm UK time (closed Bank Holidays). 

Your veterinarian can provide you with an EU pet passport. You can find a vet in your area by following this link

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Abels works with Airpets when relocating pets in Europe – it is an established relationship ranging over 16 years.

If you would like a quote for a complete relocation overseas of your pet, or help with a part of the export or import process, then please – Click Here – (please note that this will open a new window).