European removals

Customer service policy


  • We take active steps to help our customers define their requirements.

  • We work in partnership with our customers, adapting our service to meeting their needs where possible

  • We always try to see the customer’s point of view and respect his/her attitudes and feelings

  • We regularly ask customers for their feedback through informal and formal schemes and take appropriate action to address any problems.

  • We are proactive and work to anticipate customer requirements, always offering assistance before the customer asks

  • We take ownership of queries in the absence of colleagues to assist the customer

  • We treat our customer with respect and courtesy at all times and can be relied upon for confidentiality and discretion


  • We operate a “no problem” mentality at all times and are willing to go that extra mile to enhance client expectations

  • Everyone in the team is clear about what is expected of them and attend regular training to enhance their skills

  • Any negative customer feedback is responded to quickly and professionally, and analysed as opportunities for improvement

  • We always endeavour to do things correctly first time, on time, every time

  • We maintain consistent service standards

  • We are committed to the idea of continuous review and improvement of customer service.


  • We are totally committed to providing a quality service.

  • We achieve success by understanding the needs of customers and satisfying those needs with the support of our suppliers.

“At Abels we are totally committed to providing a quality service for you, the customer. I believe we have the people, the resources and the experience to more than fulfil our objectives. If the service you receive ever falls short of the best – then please do not hesitate to contact me personally.”

Philip Pertoldi