Abels European Truck Locations

Last Updated: 25th November 2020

Please find Abels European Truck Locations schedule.

The list is not always full, not all locations planned have been listed, if you have a location not listed then and are interested in our services then please contact Abels Moving Services. If Abels can assist with any consignments please feel free to contact us.

We are also loading Groupage containers to the following destinations; Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, USA. Should you have smaller consignments, instead of sending LCL, we can collect from your warehouse and co-load into our Groupage.

Planned Truck Locations

Week 52 W/C 21st December 2020
France – Paris, Lille, Rouen, Le Mans, Nantes

Week 51 W/C 14th December 2020
Belgium – Brussels, Antwerp
France – Lyon, Nimes, Bordeaux, Paris, Pau
Germany – Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart
Holland – Amsterdam, Den Haag
Italy – Pordenone, Treviso, Milan
Spain – Madrid
Sweden – Stockholm, Lund, Malmo

Week 50 W/C 07th December 2020
Denmark – Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen
France – Lyon, Paris, Toulouse, Pau, Bordeaux, Limoge, Nimes
Norway – Oslo
Portugal – Lisbon
Spain – Madrid, Alicante, Murcia, Malaga
Sweden – Malmo, Lund, Stockholm

Week 49 W/C 30th November 2020
Belgium – Brussels
France – Paris, Lyon, Nimes, Lille, Avignon, Reims
Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Switzerland – Geneva, Zurich, Vaud, Basel, Bern

Week 48 W/C 23rd November 2020
Belgium – Brussels
France – Paris, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse
Holland – Hague
Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Spain – Madrid
Switzerland – Geneva, Vaud

Historic Truck Locations

Week 47 W/C 16th November 2020
France – Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Pau, Limoge, Lille
Italy – Milan, Florence, Rimini, Turin
Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Portugal – Porto, Lisbon, Faro
Spain – Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, Alicante

Week 46 W/C 09th November 2020
France – Paris, Lille
Germany – Frankfurt, Koln, Bonn
Holland – Den Haag, Amsterdam

Week 45 W/C 02nd November 2020
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Paris, Lyon, Nimes
Norway – Oslo
Portugal – Faro, Porto, Lisbon
Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Alicante
Sweden – Malmo, Stockholm, Lund, Gothenburg
Switzerland – Lucerne, Geneva, Bern, Zurich, Basel

Week 44 W/C 26th October 2020
Belgium – Brussels
France – Nice, Paris, Lille
Germany – Munster, Bremen, Hamburg
Holland – Amsterdam
Luxembourg – Luxembourg

Week 43 W/C 19th October 2020
Austria – Linz, Vienna
Belgium – Brussels
France – Nice, St Gervais Les Bains, Lyon
Germany – Frankfurt, Nurnberg
Italy – Milan, Florence, Turin, Genoa
Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Spain – Madrid

Week 42 W/C 12th October 2020
Belgium – Brussels
France – Lyon, Paris, Nice, Nimes
Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Portugal – Porto, Lisbon
Spain – Murcia, Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid

Week 41 W/C 05th October 2020
Belgium – Brussels
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Paris, Bordeaux
Germany – Hamburg, Munster, Bremen
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Norway – Oslo
Sweden – Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg
Switzerland – Zurich, Basel

Week 40 W/C 28th September 2020
Belgium – Brussels, Antwerp
France – Lille, Paris, Lyon
Germany – Frankfurt, Koln, Stuttgart, Munich
Holland – Den Haag, Amsterdam
Ireland – Cork, Dublin
Italy – Milan, Udine
Luxembourg – Luxembourg City
Switzerland – Geneva, Zurich, Rovio, Binz

Week 39 W/C 21st September 2020
Belgium – Brussels, Liege
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Andes, Paris, Lyon
Germany – Berlin, Munster, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig
Holland – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven
Italy – Lucca, Genoa, Macerata
Sweden – Malmo, Stockholm, Gothenburg

Week 38 W/C 14th September 2020
Belgium – Brussels
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Nice, Paris, Limoges, Pau, Bordeaux, Toulouse
Germany – Munich, Koln, Stuttgart, Frankfurt
Holland – Amsterdam, Rotterdam
Italy – Milan, Genoa, Macerata, Turin
Norway – Oslo, Bergen
Portugal – Porto, Lisbon
Spain – Madrid, Bilbao