COVID-16 Notice

COVID-19 Notice


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts communities worldwide, we want to share with you the steps Abels Moving Services Ltd are taking to make protecting the health and safety of our customers our own office and field teams, our main priority.

We are closely following updates on the evolving impact of COVID-19 and based on guidance from the UK Government and the World Health Organization, we have developed a revised process and policy of operation.

What have we implemented?

is being performed by smart phone video link to avoid a need to physically visit a customers property unless absolutely necessary. If a home visit is necessary, social distancing is implemented, hand washing or sanitization. Customers are asked to open windows to allow an air-flow and doors prior to our colleagues arrival so that no hard surfaces are needed to be touched. Discussions are held outside or on the phone rather than seated inside.

are being temperature checked at the start of each day. They are required to notify a supervisor should the experience any of the symptoms (including loss of smell/taste) and stood down. Crew rooms have been closed for break purposes. Health kits have been handed to each crew member containing PPE and cleaning products. Start times are being staggered. Crews fixed pairing wherever possible.

are being sanitised regularly especially in high touch points such as door handles, counter tops, keyboards, on-off buttons etc. Only limited personnel are working in the offices and they are temperature checked daily, others remain working from home. 2 metre distancing has been established.

are being called prior to performing removals to check their health and no symptoms (including sudden loss of taste/small). Homes are requested to have windows open to allow an air-flow, doors open to avoid the need to touch handles. Advised that no hand-shake greeting will be performed. Requested that 1 customer to be the point of contact and where possible leave the property after greeting the crew or if not possible to separate to one room. 2 metre distancing is requested. Agree one toilet/hand washing sink that the crew can use. No other trades-person to be on site whilst the removal is performed. No paper signing of forms will be required.

Traveling to Jobs;
Trucks to be sanitized and wiped down before use. 2 crew per truck. Drivers should not swop during the journey wherever possible. Windows to be opened to allow an air-flow. Physical contact avoided. Clean down trucks after use.

Crew will call and check on the health of the customer on route. Hand sanitizer will be used when they exit the truck before going to the customers door. No hand shakes on greeting. 2 metre social distancing required. Only the team leader will be shown around the house. Agree which toilet/sink they can use and place their soap / disposable towels. Regular hand washing required throughout the day. Cough into arm. Avoid touching face. Wear masks if need to carry with another person and less than 2 metres apart. Where possible have 1 person per room packing. Unless a large elevator, only 1 person to travel within. No paperwork signing at the end of the move.

Post Removal;
wash hands / use sanitizer. Soiled PPE / hand towels to be carefully disposed of. Re-usable PP to be sanitized. Moving equipment to be sanitized. Vehicle to be cleaned down and touch points sanitized.

PPE is in place for all crews;
however the guidance and advice remains that social distancing, a fresh air-flow and maintaining regular hand washing is the best method to safeguarding against COVID-19

Travel for meetings;
Physical meeting have been paused during these times. Video meetings are being used on a regular basis using various platforms including; Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

Key Workers Appreciation;
Our continued thanks go to all the key workers (our NHS, care workers, police, fire, food chain, bin collection, postal service, local and national government, utilities and transport workers), that are keeping our country going during these challenging times. We appreciate all your efforts and the risks that you are taking to help others and keep the cogs of our country turning at these difficult times.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect, please raise with your Abels contact.