Some handy hints for a spring move with Anthea Turner


anthea-turnerMoving home is one thing Anthea Turner hates to do: “I hate moving full stop!” Dealing with estate agents, solicitors, builders and buyers makes moving home very high on the list of the most stressful events we are likely to encounter. However, it is something we all have to do on several occasions through our lives.

“I find the whole process extremely traumatic,” continued Anthea, “so I would highly recommend to sensitive souls like myself to hand the entire job over the someone else!” Anthea used Abels Moving Services the last time she moved home: “They were fantastic.”

To help those looking to move this spring, Anthea and Abels have produced some tips and guidance:

1. Plan and book well ahead, and try not to make it a Friday. Get estimates, the earlier the better, and as soon as you want to exchange contracts ensure you have a signed removal contract with the most suitable company to avoid disappointment.

2. Research the alternative companies thoroughly, there are wide varying levels of service available.

3. Decide early on what packing you wish to do yourself, will items be ready dismantled to move, items down from the loft etc and ensure you show everything to the removal surveyor.

4. Anthea suggests ruthlessly clearing out your belongings: “It’s much better to move with only the things you need and love than a whole pile of junk.” William Morris’s most famous advice to homemakers is:” Having nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

5. Discuss the access to the new property with the moving company and the sellers. Is parking going to pose a problem? The removal assessor should be aware of this, along with details of overhead cables, branches or archways leading to the house.

6. Prepare a survival kit and keep separate. This should include, essential paperwork you may need, first aid kit, replacement bulbs, torch, toilet rolls, towel, items for a hot drink, childrens favourite toys and perhaps some aspirin.

7. Ensure that you have studied your insurance cover thoroughly. Cheap insurance is cheap for a reason and it is essential that you read the small print. Also, ensure that the movers have adequate insurance cover. Many offer insurance of £25,000 to £50,000 per consignment, which may hardly be enough cover for your belongings and furniture. All Abels vehicles and contents are insured for £500,000 as a standard.

8. If your furniture is going into storage make sure that you have all the details and location of the storage site. If possible, inspect the site before choosing the storage company. Ensure you will be provided with a detailed inventory on collection.

9. On the day of the move confirm that the removal company driver has the correct delivery address and you have the contact details of everyone involved. It is amazing how many people neglect to do this. Does the vehicle have mobile communications?