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Leo Sayer has had a remarkable career in the music business. Since his first hit The show must go on in December 1973, he has achieved a total of ten singles in the UK charts. The chart busting When I need you reached number one in the UK and USA charts in 1977, which led to continued success worldwide with a huge collection of singles and albums.

Although Leo loves England, he felt the time was right to move to Sydney, a city he has visited many times during his career and adores. With no ties, he decided to emigrate and meet the challenges presented by setting up home in the New World.

Over the years, Leo has built up a large collection of irreplaceable possessions; furniture, musical equipment, musical instruments, records, treasured awards and a good deal of valuable art and antiques, all of which he could not bear to leave behind. His beautiful Palladian style home in Buckinghamshire was sold, so decisions had to be made.

A bright spark at Abels Moving Services had read of Leo’s move and contacted him by email, using the lyrics of a number of his songs. This original approach prompted him to call the company, and from that moment Jan Luck, one of Abels’ international managers, took over.

A thorough survey was done and a moving plan was drawn up. Leo said, ”All this would have been a nightmare if I had not found Abels (although truthfully they found me). Abels experience and connections have made a difference to the smoothness of the move and given us confidence in dealing with the complexities of customs and immigration. It all came together like a dream.”

Abels used our Australian partner to complete the move to Leo’s new home in Sydney. A further airfreight consignment will complete the move of his worldly goods.

To express his appreciation, Leo called on the firm’s Suffolk depot to thank the team handling his move in person: “My worries about the actual move were unfounded. Once I had met Jan Luck and the team from Abels I knew everything would be handled in a completely professional way. I would recommend Abels every time and was glad to be able to thank the team personally.”

Leo has found a delightful new home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, on the waterfront between Double Bay and Rose Bay. He knows the sunny and cosmopolitan life of this vibrant city also has the benefits of fresh air and zero pollution with amazing wildlife, warm weather and a generally more relaxed lifestyle. Leo commented: “I can’t wait to get there. I have already found that I write songs like mad when I am there, including some of my biggest hits!”

He and his partner Donatella have yet to see if the furniture, which was packed what seems like an age ago, will fit in to the new house. It will be like a reunion with old friends. The studio items will be a priority for Leo so that he can get back to his songwriting.

Leo Sayer - All Boxed Up - Moving to Australia

Leo Sayer – All Boxed Up – Moving to Australia with Abels Moving Services

There are things Leo will miss though, shops like Marks & Spencer, the BBC (he’ll have to find the World Service) and the Chiltern Hills. He is already a convert to Vegemite from Marmite.

Fans in the UK and Europe will still be able to keep up with Leo’s activities via his web site and he will still have a company in the UK, with administrative staff as well as musicians and roadies.

Leo is releasing a new album Voice in my head in Europe and Australia and will be involved in promotion of that in Germany. He is also releasing an album Revolution of the heart co-written with his old friend Albert Hammond.

Leo and Donatella will be visiting the UK periodically from now on: ”Seeing our home as tourists really, as outsiders see it. Now that should be interesting. It’ll be like all those actors and singers from the UK who keep coming back ‘home’. Although I will be living a bit further away, I won’t be a total exile and I won’t be gone for good.”