Fiona Fullerton’s – A Moving Story

Fiona Fullerton’s Top Tips for Moving

Fiona-FullertonAs someone who has moved home more times than I care to remember, there is only one thing I am going to say – Preparation.

No use putting it all off until the eleventh hour, even if you’re in a chain and the chap who is buying the house from the lady who is buying yours, is suddenly announcing terminal agoraphobia and threatening to pull out. Oh no. The preparation is what you do weeks, nay months, before the move to make the transition from one home to another as seamless and painless as possible.

Here is what you will need: several large bin-liners; cardboard boxes; large felt pen; sticky tape; coloured sticky labels; a very reliable removal company and a sense of humour.

Choosing your removals firm is hugely important if they are going to help take the stress out of it all. Firstly, they must be a member of the BAR (the British Association of Removers) or the National Guild of Removers and Storers because by being members of a trade association, they will have a set of trading conditions and be fully insured and have a code of conduct. One of the most helpful, professional removal companies I have come across is Abels Moving Services. They hold the Royal Warrant for heaven’s sake, and I have always found them to be polite, efficient and in possession of a wonderful sense of humour. It’s worth spending a little more on a reputable company because you get peace of mind. Don’t ask me why, but I don’t believe in false economy.

Once you have chosen your removal company (and remember, when they come to quote, show them EVERYTHING. No point suddenly revealing the contents of your garage on the day of the move) and agreed who will do what – unplumbing the washing machine or disconnecting wall lights – you can start chucking out the detritus of your life and having a good laugh. Believe me, going through cupboards and drawers can be fairly hysterical, so it is best accompanied by a couple of good friends, some wine and loud music.
Be ruthless. This is my top tip. Moving home should be a cathartic experience and a cleansing of ones possessions is equal to a cleansing of the soul.

Use the coloured labels to identify what goes where. Is it storage, the new home or Auntie Beryl’s? Make lots of lists because this will help you sleep better. Pack boxes of personal bits and pieces and label them clearly.

When the removal day finally arrives, you should feel well prepared. Make sure children and pets are taken care of elsewhere and that you have your ‘essentials’ with you. These are duvet, sheets and towels; kettle, coffee and tea; loo roll; soap and cleaning materials; change of clothes; phone and money; food; cups and mugs; passport, filofax and laptop. Obvious really.

Finally, I know the summer is a busy time for moving, but try to avoid Fridays because most companies will find their resources being stretched.

Fiona Fullerton
Fiona Fullerton loves property. Known to millions as a film actress and television presenter, Fiona is also a writer and property investment guru. For several years she wrote a popular weekly property column in the Saturday Telegraph which inspired tens of thousands to follow her advice.

Fiona has presented ITV’s The Property Show, Anglia TV’s Off the Beaten Track, Fiona Fullerton’s Style Guide on Sky TV and Country Houses for Meridian. Recognised for her part in the Bond movie A View to a Kill, Fiona has enjoyed a high-profile media presence for over 20 years.