International removals

Financial guarantee

IMMI (International Movers Mutual Insurance)
As a specialist international remover, our services are covered by the International Movers Mutual Insurance Scheme (IMMI). Any advance payments made to companies covered by this scheme are protected should that company get into finanicial difficulties. In addition the scheme will ensure the completion of your moving contract overseas.

Only companies holding the BAR “Overseas Group Membership” are eligible to take advantage of the scheme.  Not all Overseas Group members enter as to do so means you have to make a payment to cover the bond which in turn covers all customers of the removal company.

This Bond should give you the customer an assurance that when you pay your money up front to Abels Moving Services, even if the worst does happen and the company ceases trading (unlikely, as we have a well managed balance sheet) then your move would be completed without you needing to make additional payments for freight or destination removal services as these would be paid for by the IMMI Bond.

Abels Moving Services was pleased to be able to assist in the formation of the IMMI scheme both to protect the image of our international industry and the interests of all customers moving overseas with fellow international movers. Further information about this scheme is available on request from your Customer Services Manager.