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Moving to Wellington – Port Closed for 6 Months

Abels Moving Services have been advised due the earthquake in Hanmer Springs in New Zealand back in November 2016 this has closed the Port of Wellington in New Zealand for up to 6 months. You will no doubt be aware that as a result of the recent earthquake that effected the north island of New… Read more »

Moving to the UK – New HMRC Online Customs Clearance Process

Abels have been advised by The BAR (The British Association of Removers) about changes being made by HMRC in connection with the Customs clearance procedure when moving to the UK. Currently the procedure used by HMRC Involves completing a hard copy paper form; for household goods this would be a C3 form, for a vehicle… Read more »

Customs Officers Strike in Chile

Abels have recently been advised by our agents in Chile, that customs officers continue to be on strike. The strike is about private pensions. The strike effects both Chilean Customs, and the National Agricultural Department. The strike will effect people moving household goods and personal possessions into and out of Chile. The private pension scheme… Read more »

DIY SOS at Great Ormond Street Hospital – Abels Assists

In a previous post Abels mentioned they had assisted with the DIY SOS build at Great Ormond Street Hospital. See The program from Great Ormond Street Hospital will be broadcast on BBC 1 at 8pm on Thursday the 10th November 2016 and will be repeated on Sunday the 13th November 2016 at 11pm. Abels… Read more »

Chairman John Guilford Retires Following 18 Years Service

The Reverend John Guilford whose family invested in Abels to help with the MBO from Hays in September 1998 has now formally retired to allow an ownership restructure to take place. Acting as silent partners the Guilford family, who once ran coaches, travel agencies and hotels, have always been supportive of the business offering advice… Read more »

Moving to Kuwait – Customs Regulations Update

Abels have been recently been advised by our agents that cover Kuwait, that there are new customs regulations for bringing House Hold Goods (HHGs) into Kuwait. The changes apply to Non Diplomatic Shipments and for private individuals for their moves. Non Diplomatic / Private moves bound for Kuwait have 1 x additional import customs paperwork… Read more »

Moving to Turkey – Increased Physical and X-Ray Inspections

Abels Moving Services have been advised by our agents in Turkey that there are increased Physical and X-Ray in sections now on entry to Turkey. Please note that due to the current state of emergency in Turkey, there is an increased in severe physical inspections and additional X-Ray examinations on each and every shipment into… Read more »

Nigeria Customs Regulations Update on Shipping Furniture

Abels have recently been advised by one of our FIDA agents about recent Customs Regulation changes in Nigeria. Due to previous abuse of Customs Regulations and frequent by-passing of declarations, brand new furniture is prohibited to be shipped to Nigeria in household goods shipments. If new furniture is found in a shipment, this will lead… Read more »